Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here we have Rene M. an aspiring male model. It was a great shoot since Rene is one who can keep his ego in check.

Here is MY Top Ten Wish List of a Model’s Photo shoot Musts!

1. Check your diva ego at the door.
2. No whining allowed.
3. Tardiness will ultimately end in loneliness!
4. No cell phone photos, please!
5. All grooming in check!
6. No strange tan lines!
7. Don't overlook hands and toes. Keep it neutral!
8. Beauty inside, does matter.
9. Mama said there would be days like these, clean underwear please.
10. Get use to disrobing, anywhere.

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Photos By: Us Hair & Makeup By: Amy Alcid Model: Rene M.

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