Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Girl Behind The Brush On Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day Makeup By Heather Wilson Interview By A & B Photos

Who is Heather Wilson? 
Heather is a highly skilled freelance makeup artist with over 15 years experience in her makeup career. She specializes in bridal, special occasion, fashion shows, fashion photography (black & white and color), commercial, television, High Definition, film, and providing lessons in makeup application. She has a full kit stocked with brand name, as well as trade products, and high standards of hygiene.  
    How did you get into makeup?     
    I went to school to become a graphic artist, but she soon realized that her passion was "painting faces" My goal is to make every face a piece of art!  
      Do you have a wedding makeup philosophy?   
      My goal is to make every bride look like themselves, but at their best! I want them to look at their wedding pictures today, as well as 20 years from now- and see how beautiful they are, not how good the makeup looks.  

      Thursday, September 17, 2009

      Inspiration Boards

      We often create inspiration boards or sometimes inspiration folders to kick start photo shoots, finalize ideas for projects or just to keep us FRESH & INSPIRED! Our Inspiration boards are generally a collection of inspiring products, objects, words, colors, fabrics, etc... So with fall coming next week I thought how fun it would be to do EVERYTHING ROSES that relates to our brides! I hope these romantic florals are just what the groom ordered for your wedding day or bridal trousseau!

      Pierre Dumas strappy heel-Excelent inGold, Red and Silver,$49
      Badgley Mischka : Hyde Heel - White Satin, $149

      THE BAGS
      Jessica McClintock Rosette Kisslock Frame Clutch, Champagne, $58
      Jessica McClintock Side Flap Rose Clutch, in silver $30
      Jessica McClintock Center Rose Clutch, in red $36

      Wedding Gown by Miosa Couture- Chloe,$3001-$5000
      Bridesmaid Dresses By Alvina Valenta Style AV9676, $179-250

      Red and white rose bouquet, see your floral designer

      Birdcage Veil with Feather Flowers,$135
      Bel Aire Bridal Headband 923,$79.95

      Betsey Johnson Rose Bud Stud Earrings,$25
      Red Rose Choker 01 By Jodi French, $29
      Sweetheart Rose Earrings, $5.99

      A very special thanks to Jodi French for making that awesome red rose choker! She is a mixed media artist who does "one of a kind work". She also does custom fabric flowers for your wedding attire. Check her stuff out at

      Red and white rose bouquet photo by A&B Photos.
      All products and photos are copyrighted to their prospective owners, websites and/or its creators.

      Thursday, September 10, 2009

      The Makeup & Hair-Hotel Valley Ho Shoot

      "The Daisy"
      We recently did a vintage 60's wedding shoot at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale Arizona. We were thrilled to work with Makeup and Hair Stylist Heather Wilson Not only was she on point with the era, but she was right there off camera ensuring ALL details are in place! Now that's what I call a professional! Here is a small sampling of some images from the shoot. More to come...

      " Feathered Lashes"

      "Sixties Profile"

      "Glove in Hand"

      Photos by Amy and Byron Alcid-A&B Photos:
      Makeup and Hair: Heather Wilson
      Wardrobe Styling: Amy Alcid & Megan Low
      Models : Stephanie and Laila
      Location: Hotel Valley Ho

      Sunday, August 23, 2009

      Lashawn and John's Wedding JW Marriott

      Lashawn and John's Wedding at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona.

      Terrace Ceremony

      Petal Toss

      Flower Girl

      Eternal Circles-Rings

      Grooms Kiss

      My Pod

      The Balcony

      Bride Silhouette

      Bride in Light

      Shoes on Bridal Bed

      The Family 2009

      Thursday, July 30, 2009

      Viral Wedding Video, The Heinz’s

      As Andy Warhol once said "In the future everybody will be world-famous for 15 minutes."That is surely the case for Jill and Kevin Heinz married on June 20 in St. Paul, Minnesota.Everyone is talking about the video of their grand entrance down the aisle, even CNN (not so unusual anymore) is has covered this, check it out at-

      So laugh your butt off by watching it at
      You never know... it may make you realize that even though weddings are serious in many ways perhaps an entry like this is just what you and your soon to be significant other need.

      Thursday, July 23, 2009

      Photography Gift Registry

      We are thrilled to announce the availability of our Photography Registry via Gift Certificate purchase! This service is available to anyone who would like to purchase Gift Certificates for our clients.

      If you would like to become a client check us out at

      Gift Certificates are not just for weddings! You can give GC’s as engagement gifts, bridal showers gifts, for anniversaries, reunions, baby on the way, a romantic gift, birthdays or even the perfect Christmas gift. All are perfect occasions for a GC.

      Giving a soon to be married couple Gift Certificates is just like purchasing gifts from registries at major department stores; only it is much more convenient, personal and lasting! Gift Certificates can be used by the couple to purchase prints, standouts, canvas wraps, cards, proof folios, signature boards, proofing CDs, hi res DVDs, slideshows, and etc.



      Available HERE in our blog by clicking
      "BUY GIFT CERTIFICATE" button to the right.

      Thursday, July 9, 2009

      Look Book Fall 2009 Digital Edition

      We are really digging these digital magazines! Take a look at our NEW Look Book Fall 2009. It is basically a collection of our recent photographic works we love! Unfortunately we cannot fit everything we shoot into one magazine. But you never know, I have been know to pull images from a year or two ago and reinvent them with my digital manipulations into a fine art image. So keep looking as we will be releasing these seasonally. This edition was also made into one of our softcover books, kind of like a luxury zine if you will.

      Happy viewing!

      Thursday, June 25, 2009

      The Magic of Digital Retouching

      My husband and partner in crime is the coolest! He set me up with online publshing, where I can upload my custom designed book, magazine, porfolio, etc and then they spit out a digital edition of my project! I can then embed it on my social networks or just view it! Love it. Check out my first project, The Magic of Digital Retouching. It is a small portfolio of before and after retouched images we put together. You can view it fullscreen too. Happy viewing!

      Wednesday, June 17, 2009

      Cool in The Pool

      We recently photographed "mom to be" Patti in her pool. It was a blast and she was such a sport in the heat! You cannot really tell she is pregnant here, but I wanted to blog a bit about summer makeup again. My friends at FACE have done a bang up job putting together their summer collection. Here is a code to FACE Stockholm Save 20% on your next purchase at! Enter code PromoSpr09 at checkout. Offer expires June, 30 2009.

      Face stockholm's Summer Look
      Face Stockholms Summer Look Makes a Splash in Surf-Inspired Blues and Vivid Sunset Pinks! BASEA sheer application of
      Loose Powder #2 and Magic Wand will leave skin even without masking that natural summer glow. LIDSApply Pearl Eye Shadow #44 on the lid up to the brow bone. Top off with a touch of Details Eye Dust for shimmer and shine. Brighten the inside of the eye with Clarity Eye Dust. Use Dark Blue Matte Eye Shadow and Forceful Eye Dust on the outer lid for a smokey effect. The Dark Blue Matte Eye Shadow also does double duty as a soft liner on the top lash line. LASHESDouble up! Apply both Black and Blue Volumizing Waterproof Mascara for thick, rich lashes with a colorful twist that won’t budge, smudge or smear. CHEEKSCheeks pop with Organza Blush-On or Rio Crème Blush.LIPSFull color power and shine is achieved with Instinct Lipstick and a top coat of clear Glas.
      Photo of Patti in the pool: Amy and Byron Alcid A&B Photos.
      Model in Pool: Patti McKiernan
      Photo of Cool in the Pool: FACE Stockholm

      Monday, June 8, 2009

      How Did You Meet?

      So my husband, Byron and partner in crime with A&B Photos just recently celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. It got me to thinking of how we first met. 7 years ago, while still living in good ole NYC, somewhere around memorial day I was at Jerry's in Soho. My friend Toi the manager worked there, (Jerry's has relocated to Tribeca) so I was there chatting with a friend of Toi's, (I think her name was Angelic). I was invited by Angelic to Cafe Noir. So off to Cafe Noir we went. Its a cool place that is a kind of bistro/tapas bar, with a Mediterranean vibe and cool hip DJ music. I was casually introduced that night by Angelic's friend, Stacey to my now husband Byron. We hit it off right away, chatting up a storm. Later we parted from the girls and took off up the street to a club called Black Velvet that is no longer in Soho. Then we went to Vinyl which I think is now closed. We spent the entire night together, parting somewhere the next afternoon. Ironically this was purely platonic!!! I swear. Over the next few months we became great friends and one day I had a bad date and went to hang out with Byron and never left.
      So who would have thought that May/Jerrys/Cafe Noir/Black Velvet/Vinyl would have lead to the man of my dreams! So just food for thought, how did you meet your significant other?

      Fave Amy & Byron NYC things from Spring/Summer 2002
      Elvies Turo, Turo-Authentic Filipino (Elvies is a name, turo, turo means to point) food

      Bluewater Grill -Fabulous Seafood at Union Square

      Veniero’s Pastry Shop and Caffé-Traditional Italian Pastry Spot on 11th Street
      Music By DJ Danny Tenaglia-The best house music

      Photo Credits: Our First Photo Together, Ironically Us Taking a Photo of Us

      Tuesday, May 26, 2009

      Chrysta & Dixie Shoot


      Last week Byron and myself (Amy) shot beautiful Chrysta and one of her families horses Dixie. Chrysta looks beautiful and dreamy perched atop Dixie, gotta love the glow! You would never know the temperature was in the triple digits, Chrysta looks perfectly dewy! I have to say Dixie was quite the horse looking straight at the camera and holding still the entire time!

      Thanks Chrysta for being such a SUPER model!!
      We have to give a special thanks to her mother Marcia Fetherston! She did Dixie's Hair and Make-Up! Lots of washing and soaping for Miss. Dixie! To view more pics of Chrysta and Dixie go to our photos at

      Photos By: Amy & Byron Alcid Hair & Makeup By: Amy Alcid

      Model: Chrysta and Dixie

      Looks like this was our last shoot of the season -no more daytime outdoor shoots now, it is too hot! We will be shooting indoors now or in the evening whenever possible.

      Make-Up Tips For The Heat!
      1. Before applying any make-up wash and exfoliate. This will get rid of oil that breaks down makeup and exfoliating will remove dead and dry skin creating smoother skin. Try
      Mark Go with the grain light exfoliating beads.

      2. Skip heavy foundation and go for tinted moisturizer. Lighter and less likely to cake from the heat. FACE Stockholm has a great one with an SPF of 20!

      3. Use cream to powder eyeshadows that will dry on the lid and will stay put! Try Benefit's creasless shadow.

      4. Use Waterproof Eyeliner, smudge in a bit for a softer look that will not slide. Try Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil in 8 shades. This waterproof eyeliner can stay on up to 16 hours!

      5. Waterproof mascara. The heat only helps smudge regular mascara. See if your fave brand comes in a waterproof version. Maybe you want someting new, try Max Factor Stretch & Separate Waterproof Mascara. Check out some reviews.

      6. Forget lipstick in a tube. Go for the wands-they are already liquid. Line and fill lips with a pencil that is your lip tone and swipe lips with your choice of wand lipgloss and go! Try the wands from face too many to choose from!

      7. Last bun not least set makeup at the end with EVIAN Evian® Brumisateur® Facial Spray Mineral Water Spray(Imported from Evian-les-Bains, France)

      Please make some comments!!

      Tuesday, May 5, 2009


      Here we have Rene M. an aspiring male model. It was a great shoot since Rene is one who can keep his ego in check.

      Here is MY Top Ten Wish List of a Model’s Photo shoot Musts!

      1. Check your diva ego at the door.
      2. No whining allowed.
      3. Tardiness will ultimately end in loneliness!
      4. No cell phone photos, please!
      5. All grooming in check!
      6. No strange tan lines!
      7. Don't overlook hands and toes. Keep it neutral!
      8. Beauty inside, does matter.
      9. Mama said there would be days like these, clean underwear please.
      10. Get use to disrobing, anywhere.

      Please make some comments!!

      Photos By: Us Hair & Makeup By: Amy Alcid Model: Rene M.

      Tuesday, April 28, 2009

      So many of you may know about the “Trash the Dress” trend. But for those of you that don’t I will tell you that it is basically a post photography session where you put on your wedding gown and trash the dress in a natural environment. Sometimes it is just shots of the bride and sometimes the groom joins in. But I am also starting to see young clients desiring these sessions to be done with their prom gowns. I think it symbolizes a monumental step (or change) in one’s life and it is certainly a statement for the newly married that this will be the last time you wear your wedding dress since this is the last time you will marry. Trash the Dress is a symbol of your commitment in an unconventional way and is definitely not for the light hearted or sentimental type of person who wants to hand their dress down to the next generation. Today many brides have more than one dress so if you think about it it isn't entirely out of the question. Also it is a great opportunity to play up the makeup and hair which you may not have done on your wedding day and take some edgier shots to add to your wedding album or coffee table book!

      Take a look at our galleries for more Trash the Dress images.
      Photos By Us Hair & Makeup By Amy Alcid (More on this later)

      Trash the Dress Images of Jennifer & Joel!

      Photos By Us Hair & Makeup By Amy A