Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So many of you may know about the “Trash the Dress” trend. But for those of you that don’t I will tell you that it is basically a post photography session where you put on your wedding gown and trash the dress in a natural environment. Sometimes it is just shots of the bride and sometimes the groom joins in. But I am also starting to see young clients desiring these sessions to be done with their prom gowns. I think it symbolizes a monumental step (or change) in one’s life and it is certainly a statement for the newly married that this will be the last time you wear your wedding dress since this is the last time you will marry. Trash the Dress is a symbol of your commitment in an unconventional way and is definitely not for the light hearted or sentimental type of person who wants to hand their dress down to the next generation. Today many brides have more than one dress so if you think about it it isn't entirely out of the question. Also it is a great opportunity to play up the makeup and hair which you may not have done on your wedding day and take some edgier shots to add to your wedding album or coffee table book!

Take a look at our galleries for more Trash the Dress images. http://www.anbphotos.com/index2.php#/rgallery/4/
Photos By Us Hair & Makeup By Amy Alcid (More on this later)

Trash the Dress Images of Jennifer & Joel!

Photos By Us Hair & Makeup By Amy A

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