Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Magic of Digital Retouching

My husband and partner in crime is the coolest! He set me up with online publshing, where I can upload my custom designed book, magazine, porfolio, etc and then they spit out a digital edition of my project! I can then embed it on my social networks or just view it! Love it. Check out my first project, The Magic of Digital Retouching. It is a small portfolio of before and after retouched images we put together. You can view it fullscreen too. Happy viewing!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cool in The Pool

We recently photographed "mom to be" Patti in her pool. It was a blast and she was such a sport in the heat! You cannot really tell she is pregnant here, but I wanted to blog a bit about summer makeup again. My friends at FACE have done a bang up job putting together their summer collection. Here is a code to FACE Stockholm Save 20% on your next purchase at! Enter code PromoSpr09 at checkout. Offer expires June, 30 2009.

Face stockholm's Summer Look
Face Stockholms Summer Look Makes a Splash in Surf-Inspired Blues and Vivid Sunset Pinks! BASEA sheer application of
Loose Powder #2 and Magic Wand will leave skin even without masking that natural summer glow. LIDSApply Pearl Eye Shadow #44 on the lid up to the brow bone. Top off with a touch of Details Eye Dust for shimmer and shine. Brighten the inside of the eye with Clarity Eye Dust. Use Dark Blue Matte Eye Shadow and Forceful Eye Dust on the outer lid for a smokey effect. The Dark Blue Matte Eye Shadow also does double duty as a soft liner on the top lash line. LASHESDouble up! Apply both Black and Blue Volumizing Waterproof Mascara for thick, rich lashes with a colorful twist that won’t budge, smudge or smear. CHEEKSCheeks pop with Organza Blush-On or Rio Crème Blush.LIPSFull color power and shine is achieved with Instinct Lipstick and a top coat of clear Glas.
Photo of Patti in the pool: Amy and Byron Alcid A&B Photos.
Model in Pool: Patti McKiernan
Photo of Cool in the Pool: FACE Stockholm

Monday, June 8, 2009

How Did You Meet?

So my husband, Byron and partner in crime with A&B Photos just recently celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. It got me to thinking of how we first met. 7 years ago, while still living in good ole NYC, somewhere around memorial day I was at Jerry's in Soho. My friend Toi the manager worked there, (Jerry's has relocated to Tribeca) so I was there chatting with a friend of Toi's, (I think her name was Angelic). I was invited by Angelic to Cafe Noir. So off to Cafe Noir we went. Its a cool place that is a kind of bistro/tapas bar, with a Mediterranean vibe and cool hip DJ music. I was casually introduced that night by Angelic's friend, Stacey to my now husband Byron. We hit it off right away, chatting up a storm. Later we parted from the girls and took off up the street to a club called Black Velvet that is no longer in Soho. Then we went to Vinyl which I think is now closed. We spent the entire night together, parting somewhere the next afternoon. Ironically this was purely platonic!!! I swear. Over the next few months we became great friends and one day I had a bad date and went to hang out with Byron and never left.
So who would have thought that May/Jerrys/Cafe Noir/Black Velvet/Vinyl would have lead to the man of my dreams! So just food for thought, how did you meet your significant other?

Fave Amy & Byron NYC things from Spring/Summer 2002
Elvies Turo, Turo-Authentic Filipino (Elvies is a name, turo, turo means to point) food

Bluewater Grill -Fabulous Seafood at Union Square

Veniero’s Pastry Shop and Caffé-Traditional Italian Pastry Spot on 11th Street
Music By DJ Danny Tenaglia-The best house music

Photo Credits: Our First Photo Together, Ironically Us Taking a Photo of Us