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The Girl Behind The Brush On Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day Makeup By Heather Wilson Interview By A & B Photos

Who is Heather Wilson? 
Heather is a highly skilled freelance makeup artist with over 15 years experience in her makeup career. She specializes in bridal, special occasion, fashion shows, fashion photography (black & white and color), commercial, television, High Definition, film, and providing lessons in makeup application. She has a full kit stocked with brand name, as well as trade products, and high standards of hygiene.  
    How did you get into makeup?     
    I went to school to become a graphic artist, but she soon realized that her passion was "painting faces" My goal is to make every face a piece of art!  
      Do you have a wedding makeup philosophy?   
      My goal is to make every bride look like themselves, but at their best! I want them to look at their wedding pictures today, as well as 20 years from now- and see how beautiful they are, not how good the makeup looks.  

        Do you think every bride needs professional makeup?  Why?  
        I feel that the benefit of having a professional do the makeup is that we know how much makeup to add to the face, to have it show up in pictures, without taking over the pictures. We know how to bring out your features, and hide any flaws. As well, we have products that will be more waterproof and longer lasting (8-12 hours).
          What special services do you offer? 
          If you want the extra pampering treatment- you can hire me for the day to touch you up until the reception begins!

          Where do you recommend a bride go for wedding day makeup ideas?

          I like to look at bridal magazines, fashion magazines, and the internet.

          How important is a trial run for a bride's makeup?

          I always recommend for the bride to do a trial. It is always easier to share ideas, try different things and come to the same level of dramatic or natural makeup, before the day of the wedding when you are under more pressure and stress. 

          How much time should a bride allot for wedding day makeup?

          I personally plan about an hour for the bride on her wedding day. That gives us leeway for the phone ringing, interruptions, and any other possible delays we may encounter.  

          Do you do airbrush makeup for a brides wedding day makeup?

          I prefer to airbrush everyone in the bridal party. I can get a more flawless look, while hiding any imperfections in the skin, and it doesn't look like you have makeup on! 

          Does airbrush makeup look natural?

          It looks amazing!! The product I use is for High Definition movies and film. Even though you cannot see it being sprayed on to the skin, think of it as an eraser, erasing away any imperfections, and making the skin even and flawless. You do not look like you have makeup on.  Even on a more mature skin, it gives a beautiful natural look! 

          What are the advantages of airbrush makeup vs. cream or liquid foundations?

          The advantages to airbrush makeup is the wearability, on average 8-12 hours -vs. 4-6 for a cream or liquid foundation. The airbrush also can give so much more coverage, without being "visible" on the skin. 

          Do you ever apply airbrush makeup on a groom?

          There are more and more grooms getting airbrush makeup done for the wedding once they see how it looks on the skin, as well as in the pictures. Again- it evens out their skin without looking like they have anything on. 

          In hotter climates are there any tips or tricks you can give to help from makeup melting in the heat?
          Especially in the months of May - Sept, the best thing to do on your wedding day would be to not wear a moisturizer unless absolutely necessary. Stay inside as much as possible. Have your makeup artist use a setting spray. And above all, blot - don't wipe if you start sweating! 

          How can a bride ensure longevity with her makeup throughout her big day?

          The best way to ensure longevity is to get a professional to do the makeup. The products they use are made for durability. You can touch up with blotting papers or powder as needed, and blot, do not wipe if crying or sweating. 

          Do you think a bride should accentuate one feature in particular?

          I prefer to bring out the brides eyes. I believe the eyes are the "window to the soul", so if you can see the persons eye color in the pictures, and see "her" and not the makeup, I have done my job!

          What do you suggest a bride do with crying and mascara?

          I definitely spend the money on a waterproof  Black mascara!! And if you start to cry, make sure you are blotting instead of wiping away your tears.  

          Should a bride purchase her own lipstick, lip liner and gloss so she can touch up her makeup throughout her wedding day?

          It is always good to have a lipstick and gloss to touch up with. I am a firm believer in long lasting lipsticks on the day of the wedding. You don't have to think about re-applying your lipstick every 45 minutes, and you don't need to worry about your hubby "wearing" your lipstick! It is a good idea to have one to touch up with. More often these days, I am having brides hire me for the entire day. I take all of the worry out of the bride having to do her own touch ups, and I can pamper the entire bridal party, touch ups lips, if any crying takes place, I can touch that up as well.

          Are there specific makeup or skincare product brands you are addicted to?
          For over the counter products, I love the Chanel Pro Lumier Foundation, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, or the Makeup Forever HD foundation. Chanel is my gloss of choice. Skincare I prefer would be Jan Marini and Darphin. If you are looking for those secret products to get online that are amazing... definitely order the Purely Cosmetics mineral foundation, or the Sampar Paris skincare, the entire line is amazing.

          Are there any other products you recommend a bride purchase so she can freshen her makeup throughout her wedding day?
          Besides a lipstick and a gloss, oil blotting papers, and maybe a powder, or hire me to stay for the entire day!

          Do you have a favorite cosmetic store?
          Cosbar in Scottsdale at Kierland commons. The staff know the products inside and out.

          What colors should a bride steer away from for her wedding day makeup?

          There really are no rules to colors to go to- or stay away from. Depending on each person's coloring, and how much makeup you normally wear, it is what each bride is comfortable with! 

          What are the wedding day makeup trends for 2010 brides?

          In 2010 the trends tend to be going very jewel toned on the eyes, and a neutral lip, or the opposite extreme. An almost naked eye, with the focus on the lashes, and bright red, coral or pink lips.

          Should a bride consider her makeup style for a day, afternoon or evening wedding?

          Absolutely! Usually it is a little softer for a morning or afternoon wedding, and a little more dramatic for an evening wedding. It also depends on how much makeup you would normally wear.

          What are the biggest mistakes you see brides make regarding their makeup for their wedding day?

          The thing I think I hear the most is that they thought they had "enough" makeup on- only to find out in the pictures that they look like they have no makeup on. Or they have their friend do the makeup, only to look like they should be walking the streets.  

          What do you think of false eyelashes and wedding day makeup?
          I love lashes and put them on everyone in the bridal party!!  I personally have gone to great extremes to find lashes that will help bring out the eyes, that most people don't even realize that the bride or bridal party has false lashes on.

          What do you think of tanning and the wedding day?

          I love a tan bride in a white dress. Just make sure that you do it safely and so that you don't look fake. There are two ways to get a good tan. If you are going to lay out - do it with a sunscreen on, do not use a tanning bed ever!! The best option is to find a person who will come to you, and do custom airbrush tanning. (I have the name of a great reliable one that will come to you!) Unlike going to a salon that does the spray tans, an airbrush application can be customized to a color for you- so you don't end up orange, as well as tan lines can be erased, etc!

          How long before the wedding day should one pluck their brows?
          You can pluck the eyebrows up to a few hours before the wedding. If you are going to get your brows waxed, you need to do that at least 2 days before the wedding because redness can occur and NOTHING STICKS to the waxed areas for a few days.

          How long before the wedding day should one get a facial?

          Unless you are used to getting facials all the time, I recommend that you do a facial about one month out.

          How long before the wedding day can one get a peel or other facial treatments?

          Again, depending on how often you get a peel or other treatment, I would say for the average person to just get a mild microdermabrasion about 3- 4 weeks prior to the wedding day. You don't want to be broken out on the day of the wedding!

          What are your best makeup tips for wedding day makeup?

          Make sure that the bride as well as the bridal party do not wear sunscreen on the wedding day. You do not want your sunscreen to be the one that flashes a white face on your wedding day.

          Make sure that you get your brows waxed a couple of days out

          Wear a tank top or a zipper, or button top. I am not afraid to cut you out of your t-shirt!!

          List your picks for must have wedding day makeup essentials for every bride?

          • Waterproof Mascara
          • Long Last Lipstick
          • Gloss
          • Oil Blotting Papers
          Do you have a favorite wedding day hair stylist?

          I do have a couple of great hairstylists that also go on location to do hair! Give me a call or send me an email!

          Heather Wilson
          Makeup by Heather Wilson

          Photos by Amy and Byron Alcid-A&B Photos:
          Makeup and Hair: Heather Wilson
          Wardrobe Styling: By Amy Alcid & Megan Low
          Model: Laila
          Location: Hotel Valley Ho

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