Monday, June 8, 2009

How Did You Meet?

So my husband, Byron and partner in crime with A&B Photos just recently celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. It got me to thinking of how we first met. 7 years ago, while still living in good ole NYC, somewhere around memorial day I was at Jerry's in Soho. My friend Toi the manager worked there, (Jerry's has relocated to Tribeca) so I was there chatting with a friend of Toi's, (I think her name was Angelic). I was invited by Angelic to Cafe Noir. So off to Cafe Noir we went. Its a cool place that is a kind of bistro/tapas bar, with a Mediterranean vibe and cool hip DJ music. I was casually introduced that night by Angelic's friend, Stacey to my now husband Byron. We hit it off right away, chatting up a storm. Later we parted from the girls and took off up the street to a club called Black Velvet that is no longer in Soho. Then we went to Vinyl which I think is now closed. We spent the entire night together, parting somewhere the next afternoon. Ironically this was purely platonic!!! I swear. Over the next few months we became great friends and one day I had a bad date and went to hang out with Byron and never left.
So who would have thought that May/Jerrys/Cafe Noir/Black Velvet/Vinyl would have lead to the man of my dreams! So just food for thought, how did you meet your significant other?

Fave Amy & Byron NYC things from Spring/Summer 2002
Elvies Turo, Turo-Authentic Filipino (Elvies is a name, turo, turo means to point) food

Bluewater Grill -Fabulous Seafood at Union Square

Veniero’s Pastry Shop and CaffĂ©-Traditional Italian Pastry Spot on 11th Street
Music By DJ Danny Tenaglia-The best house music

Photo Credits: Our First Photo Together, Ironically Us Taking a Photo of Us

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  1. Wow thats a great story! I haven't met my significant other yet but I'l make sure to let you know when i do.